Thursday 16 July 2015

Things to Watch While You Drive ~ Joyce Sutphen


The trees, slipping
across the fields, changing places with
barns and silos,

the hills, rolling over
on command, their bellies
green and leafy,

the sun-tiger, riding
on your rooftop, its shadow racing
up and down the ditches,

a flock of birds,
carrying the sky by the corners,
a giant sheet of blue,

the road, always
twisting towards or away from you -

both, at the same time.

~ Joyce Sutphen ~


  1. I like the poem - especially 'a flock of birds, carrying the sky by the corners'!

    1. I remember road trips like this, when I was child; the trees slipping by....

  2. Gorgeous visuals - trees slipping across fields, hills rolling over, that sun-tiger shadow racing, and the birds carrying the sky. The road is always twisting towards and away. I feel your presence and I relate to the experience, which is the essence of poetry, I believe.

    1. If only this were my poem!

      I shared it because it struck me as evocative of all that a drive can be. Yes, to convey an experience is at the heart of a good poem.

  3. I am like Kim..I can feel this journey and your presence in it. Driving is one of my pleasures and your poem is so spot on what I feel as I pass by fields and barns, watch the sky and the sun. The photo is so appropriate too..a fuzzy view of trees as I speed by. I love it!

    1. Thank you, Mary. I only wish I'd written this poem...