Wednesday 8 July 2015

At the scene of the crime ~ Emma Rich

Outlined in chalk
a chalk artist draws a yellow border round my body
reduces it to a specimen, pinned to the pavement.

I stand up, move to one side, peer down. 
It does not represent me.

He has traced the echo of a cut-out
articulated the ghost of a shadow

a negative space
an outline of who I am.

It needs embellishment:
a veined mapwork
of highways, pathways, clearings,
tracks of dreams, songlines;

there should be named rivers overrunning borders,
origami boats floating downstream,
bearing hopeful poems.
And words

streaming from my heels
as I walk away.

~ Emma Rich ~
published in The Broadsheet

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  1. Sophia, I like this poem a lot! Very evocative and visual at the same time.