Thursday 25 June 2015

I've finished Blogging from the Heart!

© Sophia Roberts
I've been working at full-pelt to finish Blogging from the Heart! before I start Photo Meditations on Monday. It will be good to get back to photography on a regular basis after a break of almost a month.

I set out to do three things this year and this blog was one of them. To facilitate this I signed up for course with Susannah Conway. I wanted to get it right.

I’m no stranger to blogging, but I knew next to nothing about how to go about writing a good personal blog.  I've discovered I didn’t know how to do it MY way - to do myself justice. To be honest it’s come as a relief to have a blog as a platform for my voice.

So, I have discovered a new – and a very different way to share on-line. A lot of what I’ve shared thus far, in this space, I wouldn't have considered appropriate for my Facebook page where I rarely share anything personal. 1300 readers/followers doesn’t lend itself to being personal – besides, my FB page is more of an information portal. My blog is for ME and I’m really enjoying myself.

The weeks of the course I enjoyed the most were writing my Mission Statement (for my own reference) and the personal statement featured to the right of this post. From a more practical point of view I have specifically discovered how to:

create a snazzy header (if and when I want one)
the best size photos to use and how discourage other people from using my images by the use of titles that are also links
that I can use my FB page and Google+ to alert the world to my blog. I'm shouting out about just the one post a week  - self-promotion can be very wearing (!)

So, it's onwards and upwards with a blog that's about me - and for me!

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