Saturday 23 May 2015

Back in the old routine

I've been intensely busy for months, but now that Visual Journalling is finished - all bar the shouting (just got to check in a couple more times to acknowledge comments left on my photographs and to leave comments on other people's work) - I must go back on Facebook.  I've not been in that space, properly for about six weeks; not since Pascha (Orthodox Easter). A part of me hasn't missed it, at all, which is a good sign (I've got a life to live - it hasn't always felt like this, BTW), but on the other hand I've got some good friends in that space, who have been there for me, when I've needed them.  I owe them my loyalty.  

One of the good things about going back will be an excuse to open up all the poetry emails I've been disciplining myself to ignore, because if something's good I just have to share it. Ditto it will be great to read a blog post and to share it, at once!  I have done nothing more than glance at blog posts since the middle of March.  I've saved a few, which I may revisit, but they have tended to be for my reference as much as anything else.

And it will be great to really apply myself to Beyond the Frame, the Poetry School course Sally Flint is running.  Susannah Conway's course, Blogging from the Heart!, is something else I've also signed up for, but as that's not exactly work I can trundle along with that in my own sweet time. 

I have to say that the pace of the past three months wouldn't have been possible if I hadn't given things up and implemented the strategy I came up with in Borneo: namely to take two consecutive days off a week and not to see people/go out for more than two consecutive days in a row.  Chronic illness has to be managed if you want to live life to the full, and I do. 


  1. So lovely to visit you here, Sophia! I shall be back to discover past postings and new ones as you add them here.
    Have a lovely weekend! I so enjoyed your presence in our Visual Journaling workshop!

  2. Oh, thank you so much for being so quick off the mark! Your presence on the Visual Journalling made a big difference to us all, on so many levels... I will say more in that space :)