Friday 29 May 2015

Am I the brand around here?

Sophia Roberts
Because I'm anxious to get this new blog right I'm signed up for Susannah Conway's Blogging from the Heart! course. And yesterday's lesson has got me thinking about comments and how our readership affects what we post. I definitely post different things in different spaces. On Facebook I'm much more inclined to post trivia - albeit interesting trivia (!) But there I'm sharing with 'friends', people with whom I have an established relationship, even if we don't necessarily - strictly speaking - know one another. On Google+ it tends to be mainly articles about photography, so a different audience, again.  

I also host a community blog for the Writers Group I run, which is little more than a repository for the work we want to share with the world at large. In five years I don't believe anyone has ever commented - not once. And it doesn't bother me in the slightest! 

I've had other more personal blogs in the past (dedicated to crochet, origami and the craft of writing), but I let them go, for all sorts of reasons I won't go into here. In those days I had followers, who left comments - and it delighted me. Which makes me feel childish... But, thinking on it, all my blogs, hitherto, have largely been repositories for information, particularly about craft. And impersonal.

So, this very new blog is seeking to be a bit different: to be a little more revealing. It will share aspects of me that the rest of my other on-line platforms don't know about. This is going to be more like a magazine - not really a definable brand. Unless, of course I am the the brand. Ooooooo, er; there's a thought! 

Of course I will welcome comments here and the opportunity to get to know my readers. But, ultimately, this is for me. I'm creating a visual diary - a record of the discoveries I'm making, what I think and where I'm going next. If people want to read along with me and comment that will be great. In the meantime I'm beginning to understand why people say blogging is a creative activity. I'm enjoying myself!


  1. Visual diary, I like the idea very much!

  2. Have fun with your Visual Diary! I have a feeling that it will be an interesting journey full of surprises ... and lots of interesting connections with others on a similar road!

    1. Oh, thank you. I'm trying to post something each and every day. So far, so good. But as my aim is to post an image a day, too, it's not without it's challenges!!!