Friday, 5 June 2015

Making hay whilst the British sun shines?

If only it would shine.  I was so desperate to feel the sun on my face (and to get some fresh air) yesterday that I spent the morning sat in the garden wrapped up in a blanket.  It did eventually warm up in the afternoon, but for the most part the chilly wind ensured that enjoying the garden was an act of sheer will on my part!  We’re exposed where we live and unless the day is a still one, any breeze is felt – and how.  Today the sun came out very briefly first thing, but didn’t reappear again until 18:30.  And it never did warm up…

I know some of you are suffering a heatwave in Europe, so how about we to do a swap? 

I’m a lizard and need copious amounts of sun to feel warm.  Honestly, it’s extremely rare that I feel too hot!


  1. Well Sophia, I'll willingly send you some of my heatwave which reached maximum proportions yesterday and I mostly sat quietly doing some crochet! During the evening we had a thunderstorm which cooled things off a little, at least for the night! The sun is back with a vengeance this morning - but more storms expected! Still want to change?!
    I love your Origami lizard! I love the position of his body and legs - just like he's about to scuttle over to some rocks to hide! Excellent choice of paper too! I hope you get some sun over the weekend.

  2. Thank you. This very simple lizard is a joy to fold and to share with children, not least because it's jointed.

    Did you send me some of your heatwave? I have just enjoyed the first really warm day,since April. Six solid hours in the garden and not a breeze in sight. I do hope the temperature has eased up for you...