Monday, 4 May 2015

Testing, testing

I have just spent the weekend in bed. No, I’ve not been unwell, but it’s the best place for me to be when my batteries are run right down and I need to just rest and relax. 

I started – and finished - '10:04' by Ben Leward and continued reading 'Confessions' by Jaume Cabre. These were books that demanded my attention and I may well write about them elsewhere on the blog. 

I also watched a lot of television – aided and abetted by discovering, during the week, that I can watch Amazon instant videos on my iPad. NetFlix, for which I paid a month’s subscription does not work on the iPad - not on mine, anyway. Oh, well, only £6.99 down the drain…  I’d already tried the first episode of The Honourable Woman (as it had been nominated for a BAFTA) and was so captivated by the intricacies of the plot and the outstanding acting that I knew I wanted more. I confess that, once I'd paid up, I watched it ALL in two sittings! Yep, compulsive viewing. And because I had to watch more of Mad Men after I’d paid for the first episode in the series (something else I’d missed out on) I signed up for Amazon Prime (again) because I can watch the lot for ‘free’ in that space. iTunes wanted £81 for the set! 

Oh yes, I did some origami late on Sunday afternoon, when I was in danger of getting depressed. Sleep eludes me, even when I’m worn out and accounts for a lot of my slumps. 

So, it came to pass that with the aid of the DVD that came with the book I managed to fold and assemble Benjamine Coleman's Columbines in a pot - as featured on Artis Bellus  

Boy, did that make me feel better about myself. I’m a strong believer in the power of making something, but I wasn’t in the mood for an audio book and crochet – it felt too passive. 

And my reward for all this R&R? Eight hours sleep last night! Which means that I’m late getting started this morning. But what the hell? I’m just delighted to be feeling a lot more aware and awake. Yeeeeee haaaaaaaaaaw!

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  1. this is a flower from "Origami Bonsai" Benjamin John Coleman - my first flower book I have bought in USA