Thursday, 28 May 2015

On a Clear Day in Spring ~ Emma Rich

this expanse of moorland edged with gorse, riven
by a river ornamented with banks of yellow flowers;
by a runway lit by blazing torches in broad daylight;
by a grey silk ribbon, edged with tufts of gold leaf...

on a clear day in spring
from the brow of this hill,
a lonely road journeys onward

into a lucid blue sky

~ Emma Rich ~


  1. I love the lucid blue sky where that grey silk ribbon of a row leads us to the brow of the hill with views acrtoss the moorland and the flowering gorse. Lovely lilting words that point out all the beauty we can see.

  2. Thank you so much, Sandra. I've slightly modified this since I first published it privately. I replaced one word with another and my poetry tutor made another suggestion, but I reckon 'tis done. It's one of those poems that wrote itself. A rare treat! It's inspired me to think about a new project: Picture Postcards.

  3. I do wish I could write like you..Emma Rich! But I really enjoy your poetry as it makes sense and speaks to me!

  4. Thank you Mary. And I wish I could photograph as well as you... In my opinion good poetry does make sense, so I am delighted that this speaks to you.